Under Construction

You will have many questions

I will have some answers


Sociogram? That sounds like a social network, doesn't it?

Yes. That's the long-term plan.

Right now, I'm using it as a personal website so I can visualise the UI/UX, at least as it would appear to an individual user.

Okay. Who the hell do you think you are; Elon Musk?

Um, no. I'm just a guy that spends too long on Twitter, rather than building websites, converting vans into campervans, or just generally doing more with his life.

It all looks a bit messy, doesn't it?

Yes. I'm a tinkerin' on the live server. For reasons unknown to me, I get markedly different results testing on a browser offline, than I do testing on a browser online.

Honestly? I'm surprised that you're here, and that you've bothered to reach this far. Obviously, I'm not overly concerned about public perception of my shortcomings as a web developer.

More stuff to come

Things to do

  • Change header menu button to accordian, and remove accordian prompt.

  • Change header menu button to svg, and animate

  • Place a background, with padding, on content. Transparency? Fade borders? Drop shadows?

  • Start work on my Timeline; the first nod to an actual social network

  • Make dedicated pages for each of my interests. Vanlife, Politics, Gaming etc...

  • Turn this page into a development feed